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19th Peaceful Unification Marathon


On September 24, 2017, NOF Metal Coatings Korea Co., Ltd., (MCKR) participated in the 19th Peaceful Unification Marathon with the purpose of increasing bonding time, building rapports and maintaining health and wellness within the members of MCKR. All the participants from MCKR successfully finished the course safely without any injuries.
The event took place at Imjingak, Paju (Province of Geong-gi), hosted by Gyeong-gi Tourism Organization and Munhwa Daily News. Participants had the opportunity to run a course that went through the DMZ area, which is prohibited for civilians to enter otherwise. With the determination of promoting peaceful unification and to raise awareness for freedom and peace, MCKR decided to dedicate this event as an annual occasion.  With that goal in mind, the event encourages executives and staff members from GEOMET licensees to participate together with MCKR.
For the next event, MCKR is planning to raise money for the charity for every kilometer our participants complete in the race, as a part of “Corporate Social Responsibility” activity.

2017 marathon

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