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30th Anniversary of NOF METAL COATINGS KOREA


On March 30, 2017, NOF Metal Coatings Korea Co., Ltd., (MCKR) held its 30th anniversary celebration ceremony at the “Minamiaso Greenpia Hotel” in Kyushu, Japan.

MCKR was founded in 1987 as “Korea Shamrock”, and started its production & sales in 1988 developing “DACROMET®” products in the Korean market. In 2005, MCKR successfully converted “DACROMET®” products to what is now called, “GEOMET®” which applied to HYUNDAI & KIA MOTORS.

In 2010, the company name was changed to “NOF METAL COATINGS Co., Ltd.” and transferred its manufacturing plant to Sejong. The completion of GQC R&D center in 2016, was a solid foothold for the advanced-technology in anti-corossion zinc-flake coating.

Soo-Sung Kim, President of MCKR gave his commemoration speech where he stated that “based on 30-years’ worth of experience in business, MCKR will continue to thrive for the next 30 years, maintaining the level of positive outcomes from advanced research, development, and improving quality of the current products”.

23 executives from MCKR licensees and 2 executives from NOF METAL COATINGS ASIA PACIFIC, also participated and joined with members of MCKR to celebrate the 30-year anniversary.

Followed by the speech given by MCKR President, an appreciation plaque was awarded to licensees who contributed for the development in GEOMET® business. In addition, 30-year anniversary gifts were presented to all the participants. The 30th anniversary celebration ceremony was a success where members of MCKR and guests exchanged greetings and had a fantastic banquet party together.

The MCKR’s annual employee-trip was a prominent success in the aftermath of the party where all the executives and staff members of MCKR, had a meaningful experience visiting the TOYOTA-LEXUS plant located in Fukuoka, and visiting various tourist attractions at Kyushu.


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