Research and development

We provide research using human and technological means, enabling us to progress forward in the areas of chemistry, mechanics, application and curing processes.

To achieve this goal, there are several development orientations:


  • The design of the binder / hybrid matrix structure (organo-metallic) used in our water-based systems (Sol-Gel process) is fundamental because the optimization of the binder structure allows us to design, control and ensure the reproducibility of the chemical characteristics and performance of our coatings.
  • The comprehension of « sacrificial » protection mechanisms, which requires good stability of water-based zinc and aluminium metallic flakes in order to avoid hydrogen emission, is also a key issue.The study of particle passivation systems allows us to provide long-lasting protection with our coatings.
  • The knowledge in chemical interactions between binders, pigments, additives and surfactants is necessary to obtain good stability of the liquid compound (aqueous phase) and optimize the performance regarding : wettability - rheology – film tension - adhesion-cohesion – lubrication.
  • The characterization of tribology properties are also key issues when designing our coatings. The strategy and control of tightening/clamping function for the automotive industry is essential in order to optimize each assembly, avoid overmeasurements and provide cost reductions.

All these developments are carried out within our international anticorrosion group, NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP. We use the latest technology and equipment in our laboratories in Asia, Europe, North and South America to conduct chemical analysis.

Moreover, thanks to close cooperation with universities worldwide, we have access to additional analysis and characterization equipment, allowing us to use the latest knowledge of diverse scientific communities in the development of our products.


Patents and technology watch
All of our concepts and developments are protected by specific and targeted patents, and we coordinate a technology watch on every continent.